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Thread: Wire Harness Identification for Honda ATC's

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    Wire Harness Identification for Honda ATC's

    Work in progress as I collect enough harnesses. Basically a thread to showcase year to year changes for harnesses per model. Bit of a reference for myself, but is useful to ID what year/range your harness is. I'll make image quick references as I can on this post, detailed/wordy I'll link to the post as well.

    ATC90/US90 (All years interchangeable from my understanding)
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ATC110 Idenfication.jpg 
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ID:	255692 ATC110
    ATC125M (WIP)
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ATC185 - ATC185S - ATC200 - ATC200S Idenfication_Out.jpg 
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Size:	82.8 KB 
ID:	255691 ATC185/ATC185S/ATC200/ATC200S
    ATC200E/ES (WIP)
    ATC200M (WIP)
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ATC200X Idenfication.jpg 
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Size:	84.4 KB 
ID:	256322 ATC200X
    ATC250ES (WIP)
    ATC250SX (WIP)
    ATC250R (WIP)
    ATC350x (All years are the same)

    WIP = Work in progress, aka waiing on harnesses to arrive, missing years, or I haven't completed the image yet.

    If there's any mistakes, let me know, or if you can cover years I don't have on hand.
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    1984-1986 ATC200S

    (I don't have all years on hand to check length differences).

    While researching 84+, found the wire diagram in the service manual is incorrect for what connectors the taillight uses. The diagram says it's the 80-82 style, but all photos I can find of an 84 harness, and tail light part number interchange says it's the same as 83+.

    CDI connectors changed in 84 to the round 6pin style, in 86 it changed to the common 4+2 CDI connector. Besides the connection differences, the CDI's should all function the same electrically (also same timing specs)

    The tail light connectors changed in 86 as well, instead of a single double female terminal, they changed it to two single female connectors, end result is the same though, just a different way to go about it.

    84 and older all used the same Coil connections (Green ring terminal + Black/Yellow Flag Spade terminal), in 85 it appears to have changed to both wires with the Flag Spade terminal.

    Details that shouldn't effect anything except maybe aftermarket options.

    Yellow power wire went from a single bullet female to a double bullet female terminal in 85. There's only one wire though for 85+ so shouldn't effect anything. Anyone know of anything that uses that connection (like a speedometer back lighting etc)?

    Since 85-86 ignition coil is different, the harness changed it's frame ground location to near the tail light wire (according to the wire diagram).

    If any info is incorrect, let me know. I might need some proof to have me change it, but it will give me something to research more to be sure.
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    1980 - 1983 ATC185/ATC185S/ATC200

    Note, this was first post, moved it down here to make the thread more generalized.

    Focused on 80-83, but each year does have a unique difference. All connectors are in the context of the main harness side. Also note, machines of the same year (ex: 81 185s & 81 200) used the same harness exactly, matching part numbers.

    First thing first, the engine plugs (alternator/exciter coil), 80-81 used a 3 pin connector for all 3 wires, 82+ used the same connector, but the black/red wire got moved to a bullet terminal

    Tail light connectors were green as a bullet male, and brown as a 3x bullet female 80-82, in 83 it changed so both wires were 2x bullet female terminals

    Everything else including lengths etc are a perfect match 80-83.

    In other words, the handle bar light controls from an 82-83 will work on 80-81. I suspect there's a few things like that with these machines.

    Ironically, this research helped me ID the 83 200 harness I bought was intact a 82. Glad I didn't Try selling them for the wrong application. I have 3x 82 harnesses now (one was unknown year) lol.

    I'm looking to build a template harness for these machines, ideally I can make a single harness that fits 80-83 machines, but I think I'll have to split it based on the engine connector (can't have a hot wire being a bullet male terminal floating around).

    If there's any interest, I can make an adapter harness to go between the two engine hook ups as well.

    Update, got an 86 harness on hand now. The 84 was a little longer at a couple spots vs the 80-83 harness, and 86 is longer than the 84.
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    1979-1985 ATC110

    Wire lengths for 81, 82 match up, the 85 is a little longer for the tail light and where the handle bar controls (kill switch/lights etc) hook up by 2-3in.
    79-80 are the same part number, but different from 81+ (points vs CDI)

    CDI plugs
    79-80 points engine
    81-83 square 6 pin
    84-85 - round 6 pin

    Tail light plugs
    79-80 - brown bullet female
    81-82 - green single bullet female, brown bullet double female
    83-85 - green bullet double female, brown bullet double female

    Alternator/engine plugs
    81 - 2 pin male connector + 2 pin female connector
    82-85 - 2x bullet male + 2 pin female connector

    Coil Connectors
    81-84 - Green ring + Black/Yellow Flag terminal (81-82 near tail light, 84 near CDI)
    85 - both flag terminals (located near CDI)

    Handle bar switch connectors
    Functionally, seems to match across all years (81+ atleast)
    81-82 - green wire double bullet female
    83 - green wire double female + normal bullet female, yellow wire is double bullet female
    84-85 - green wire has 2x single bullet female
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    Just received the 83 & 84-85 ATC200X harnesses and also have an 86 on hand too. I have confirmed that 83 and 84-85 are exactly the same connectors/length except for the actual CDI connector. The 86 harness is nothing even close to the older years.

    Still need an 87 harness, I have a guy that knows a guy that might lend me one, but never hurts to have a second option for backup too. I have to make the fancy photo for the ATC200X machines when I get some spare time.

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